How To: Cope with your parents' divorce

Cope with your parents' divorce

Everyone benefits from positive coping strategies when dealing with divorce – learn how.

Step 1: Stay in touch with both parents

Stay in regular contact with both parents. Call, send text messages, or e-mail to ease feelings of missing each other.

Step 2: Develop a plan for special events

Develop an attendance plan for special events like games, meets, recitals, and concerts. If it isn't comfortable to have them both there, alternate their attendance.

Step 3: Talk to people you can trust

Talk to people you can trust to sort out your feelings about the divorce.

TIP: Seek out a movie about a divorcing family. Watching a movie with characters you can relate to will help you work through your own feelings.

Step 4: Talk to your parents about your feelings

Talk to your parents about any concerns, such as money, activities, or visitations.

Step 5: Participate in activities

Continue to participate in as many day-to-day activities as possible. Extracurricular events will help you stay focused on your own priorities.

TIP: Often teens find that relationships with parents improve after a divorce because each parent is happier.

Step 6: Draw support from family

Stay close to, and draw support from, your siblings or other relatives. Stronger bonds may form among family members when parents separate.

Did you know? According to the 2003 National Vital Statistics Report, over half of all American marriages end in divorce.

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