How To: Plan a home fire drill

Plan a home fire drill

Do your children know how to get out of the house in the event of a fire? The best way to prepare your kids for a potential home fire is to have fire drills at your home. This program will offer ideas on how to make fire drills fun for everyone.

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Nice video. I do have two suggestions:

1) When teaching children about a hot door and the dangers of opening it, I use caution about phrases such as "go out the window." I've been teaching fire and life safety classes for almost twenty years. One thing I've learned is that they will take your suggestions very literal. I teach them to "go to the window." When the window is high, they can be taught to wave a sheet, blanket, or other material while yelling that they are inside. This alerts firefighters and others to their presence. It is important that they keep the door closed, as that buys them time and safety from the potential smoke and heat in the hall.

2) Try to separate the "stop, drop and roll" lesson for another session. Sadly, this technique has been tied in to fire safety (it is a burn prevention lesson) and becomes a mixed message. For years I ask kids what they should do when their house is on fire. Their response: Stop, Drop and Roll! Unfortunately, that is not the lesson that they should be learning for a house fire. Avoiding mixed messages is highly recommended.

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